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The Culture Quest

Sep 20, 2022

Our humble adventurers take another step into Jazz, but this time, instead of Frank Sinatra’s accompanying Orchestra, they’re listening to Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters group.

Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:01:43 - We open the episode with two music quizzes by Peter.
  • 00:29:16 - Ynon introduces Herbie Hancock’s Head...

Sep 4, 2022

Our humble adventurers dip their toes into your grandpa’s jazz and learn a thing or two about broken hearts.

Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:02:01 - Tavern Talk - Are you more of a Jack-of-All-Trades or a Master-of-One kind of guy?
  • 00:19:46 - We introduce today’s topic - Frank Sinatra’s In the Wee Small Hours (Allmusic).

Jul 26, 2022

Our humble adventurers learn to trust all of the signs the universe has given them, and now they're waiting for magic to guide them to true love at second sight.

Episode Breakdown:

  • We kick things off with a Beer Quiz - do Peter and Baryo know where some famous beer brands come from? (00:02:21)
  • Peter introduces...

May 22, 2022

Our humble adventurers answer the question - can men and women be just friends? The answer is yes, they can, but we raise and answer some more questions along the way, so we didn’t just spoil the entire episode for you.

Episode Breakdown:

  • We kick things off with a Culture Quest Radio segment, discussing songs or...

Apr 10, 2022

Our humble adventurers learn about the value of quality versus quantity as they watch Love Actually, a movie made of a bunch of smaller stories and packed with a bunch of stars. One of us adores the movie, one of us can’t stop nitpicking it, and one of us is into the quantity - which one of us is which?