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The Culture Quest

Jan 26, 2020

Our adventurers go on a trip back in time to the year 1966! 


Here’s a breakdown of this episode: 

  • We start by discussing how the world will look like in 50 years (00:02:00), make some predictions of our own (00:23:45) and discuss a few predictions from friends (00:25:02) - What Ya Reading?, I Think We're Doing it, Lady Justice, Blood and Firewater, Goldblockcareer.
  • Our main discussion is about Pet Sounds, by the Beach Boys. We start the conversation by reviewing the Beach Boys’ history and some background of this album (00:29:13).
  • We talk about our general thoughts of the album (00:32:32), and then try and look at it in the context of the time it came out (00:37:14) and in the context of how it compares to earlier Beach Boys music (00:43:37). 
  • We then mention a few specific songs (00:47:15) and look at what the Beach Boys did after this Pet Sounds (01:01:15).
  • We then summarize our feelings about Pet Sounds (01:03:02)
  • To close, we introduce the next part of our quest: Man on Wire (01:04:55).
  • After the ending theme, we’re playing our very own promo clip (01:08:10), along with promo clips for The Deddy Bones Show, Bedknobs & Broomflicks, Goldblockcareer and True Crime Project.


Quartz - The World in 50 Years.


The Emergence of the Middle Class.


Scale - Geoffrey West.

Factfulness - Hans, Ola and Anna Rosaling.


Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time List.


The Beach Boys - Surf’s Up.


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Cover art by Azeecreations.

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( 

‘Sloop John B’ / ‘The John B. Sails’, Traditional, Performed by the Wahsingtoot Band.


The episode was recorded on Dec 27th, 2019 and originally released on Jan. 26th, 2020.