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The Culture Quest

Mar 8, 2020

Our jolly adventurers are celebrating their 10th episode, in what very well may be the last episode ever!

We’re playing a game of trivia that includes a question about each of the subjects that we’ve discussed in our previous episodes! Can you score better than Peter and Baryo? Hint: not unless you take points as easy as Ynon hands them out.

Episode Breakdown:

  • We get into the trivia game and explain how we’re going to play the game (00:02:23).
  • Question 1: Mel Brooks’ The Producers (00:03:40).
  • Question 2: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s Deja Vu (00:12:14).
  • Question 3: Playdead’s Inside (00:17:09).
  • Question 4: Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (00:20:49).
  • Question 5: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (00:26:44).
  • Question 6: American Beauty by Sam Mendes (00:35:07).
  • Question 7: The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds (00:41:15).
  • Question 8: Man on Wire by James Marsh (00:48:16).
  • Question 9: Taika Waititi’s Hunt for the Wilderpeople (00:50:56).
  • We tally up the score and celebrate our success in the game! (00:54:51).
  • We then look back at what we’ve accomplished up until now and what we can improve (00:55:12).
  • We take a minute to look at where our podcast has been downloaded the most (00:57:45).
  • We close the episode by introducing the subject which we’ll discuss next episode - Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams (01:03:55).


American Beauty - Picture 1 - Look Closer

American Beauty - Picture 2 - Prison Cell


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The episode was recorded on Feb. 8th, and originally released on March 8th, 2020.