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The Culture Quest

Mar 22, 2020

Our adventurers have stumbled upon a book they wished would never end, but also that it would tell a different story.

Episode Breakdown:

  • We start the episode by talking about the opening segments that we do in the show, we name the segment and listen to a few audio drops that might go along with it (00:02:09).
  • In this episode’s Tavern Talk segment, we discuss Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit (IMDB) (00:07:57). We quickly break down the story of the movie, talk about the actors and characters and compare it to Hunt for the Wilderpeople (IMDB).
  • Our main discussion is about Last Chance to See, by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine (Goodreads). We start by discussing what the book is about and how it came to be (00:20:52).
  • We then share our general feelings towards the book (00:23:18).
  • We talk about how Adams’ experience in the field changes the personality of the book (00:30:29).
  • We then discuss Adams’ quirky writing style (00:31:57) and how it sometimes maybe goes a bit too far.
  • We talk about our favourite bits from the book (00:36:25).
  • We tackle a few moral questions in the field of ecology (00:43:12).
  • We go over a list of the species that were discussed in the book and see how they’re doing today (00:56:13)
  • We bring up a few favourite quotes from the book (01:01:48).
  • We end the episode by introducing the subject of our next leg of the adventure - All-Star Superman (Wikipedia) (01:06:32).
  • Bonus! Stick around after the ending theme to listen to a promo clip by Round & Round Podcast!


The intro bit was created by our awesome friends, Chantelle (Lady Justice Podcast) and J.T. (True Crime Lab): 

Lady Justice Podcast - Website, Twitter - Lady Justice is a weekly true crime podcast that takes a look at fascinating cases both past and present.

True Crime Lab - Website, Twitter - True Crime Lab is a true crime comedy podcast where we make fun of the criminals because, well, they deserve it. You can find us where’ve you get your podcasts.

Round & Round - Website, Twitter - Two Navy buddies trying to make sense of this whacky world. 


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Cover art by​ ​Azeecreations​.‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada​ ​(​​).


The episode was recorded on Feb. 28th, and originally released on March 22rd, 2020.