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The Culture Quest

Jan 24, 2021

Our humble adventurers are inspired to achieve their dreams and learn a few important life lessons from the most unexpected source - a bunch of puppets. We discuss the Muppet Movie!

Episode Breakdown:

  • On today’s Tavern Talk, we’re discussing the question: You’ve died and arrived at a train station to...

Jan 22, 2021

Our humble adventurers sit down to discuss the end of one year and the beginning of another in a casual, bonus episode. Have a great 2021!

Episode Breakdown:

  • What were your favorite finds from 2020. (00:02:39)
  • Stuff we’ve recommended:
  • Technology Connections (YouTube).
  • What’s Eating Dan (YouTube).
  • The Assorted Goods...

Jan 10, 2021

Our humble adventurers try to appreciate one of the earlier and most important movies of the Kung Fu genre, Enter the Dragon and on the way, they get to know the story of the legendary Bruce Lee.

Episode Breakdown:

  • For Tavern Talk, we’re talking about our favorite title tracks. (00:02:24)
  • The songs from this...