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The Culture Quest

Sep 6, 2020

Our humble adventurers stumble upon an album that marks a change in the style of one of the biggest bands of the 90s, a period that they are not too familiar with. 

We've encountered a few technical difficulties during the recording of this episode, so please forgive any faults in the sound near the end of the episode.

Episode Breakdown:

  •  In this episode’s Tavern Talk segment, we’re playing a game called ‘Missing in Translation’! (00:01:46).
  • We then head into the main discussion, which is all about Radiohead’s Kid A. Peter introduces the band and the album. (00:22:46)
  • We talk about each of our experiences listening to this album, our knowledge of Radiohead in the past and how Peter chose this album for the podcast (00:28:18).
  • We go through the album song by song:
  • Everything In Its Right Place. (00:38:22).
  • Kid A. (00:40:29)
  • The National Anthem. (00:42:59)
  • How to Disappear completely. (00:46:43)
  • Treefingers. (00:51:47)
  • Optimistic. (00:52:17)
  •  In Limbo. (00:54:33)
  • Idioteque. (00:56:36)
  • Morning Bell. (01:02:46)
  • Motion Picture Soundtrack (01:04:48).
  • We then move on and discuss the lyrics in the album, the writing and recording process and the perfect time and place for this album. (01:08:58).
  • Peter ranks the Radiohead albums that he got to know and tells us a bit about each one. (01:17:43)
  • We summarize our thoughts about this experience. (01:25:04).
  • We take a vote to see whether or not Kid A will be included in the CQEG! (01:26:44)
  • Baryo introduces the subject of our next episode - Jiro Dreams of Sushi (IMDb).
  • Stick around and check out a promo clip for the Cheers to Comics podcast! (@CheerstoComics)


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Cover art by Azeecreations .

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( ).

Intro bit: Everything In Its Right Place by Radiohead, played by Ynon Hermon.


The episode was recorded on Aug. 7th, and originally released on Sept. 6th, 2020.