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The Culture Quest

Feb 7, 2021

Our humble adventurers are trying to get with the times and listen to music that is actually popular at the moment. We listen to Taylor Swift’s Folklore, an album that we put alongside U2’s War in the Risky Albums category!

Episode Breakdown:

  • On Today’s Tavern Talk Segment, we discuss our favorite cover versions of songs! (00:01:37)
  • Songs mentioned on this segment:
  • Jimmy Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower - Originally by Bob Dylan.
  • System of a Down - The Metro - Originally by Berlin.
  • The Regrettes - Helpless - Originally from Hamilton.
  • Eddie Vedder - Masters of War - Originally by Bob Dylan.
  • Sia feat. Miguel & Queen Latifah - Satisfied - Originally from Hamilton.
  • Kamasi Washington - Clair De Lune - Claude Debussy.
  • Emmylou Harris - Every Grain of Sand - Originally by Bob Dylan.
  • Geordie - The House of the Rising Sun - Traditional song, originally recorded by The Animals.
  • Sarah McLachlan - Blackbird - Originally by the Beatles.
  • Judas Priest - Diamonds and Rust - Originally by Joan Baez.
  • Sivan Ben-Nun and Ynon Hermon - Diamonds and Rust - Download song.
  • Peter introduces the main subject of the episode - Taylor Swift’s album, Folklore. (00:35:38)
  • We discuss our general thoughts about the album and our experience with it. (00:39:18)
  • We discuss our favorite songs from the album. (00:48:44)
  • We then discuss our least favorite songs from the album. (00:54:28)
  • We share our thoughts about the lyrics in the album. (01:01:34)
  • We think about whether we prefer this or U2’s war (discussed in episode 33). (01:12:34)
  • We summarize our thoughts and feelings. (01:15:05)
  • We vote and see if Taylor Swift’s Folklore belongs in the CQEG. (01:18:02)
  • Baryo introduces the next step of our quest - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (IMDb). (01:18:52)

The Culture Quest Radio playlist is on Apple Music and Spotify! It includes all of the songs that we’ve discussed on Tavern Talk and the CQ Radio special episode.


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Cover art by Azeecreations .

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( ).

This episode’s theme song was based on Taylor Swift’s The 1, performed by Ynon Hermon.


The episode was recorded on Jan. 16th, and originally released on Feb. 7th, 2021.