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The Culture Quest

Sep 13, 2021

Our humble adventurers learn that true love can always be just right under our noses. We listen to Paranoid, an album that we were basically primed to fall in love with.

Episode Breakdown:

  • On today’s Culture Quest Radio segment, we talk about what movie and band pairing we would’ve loved to see. (00:02:10)
  • Ynon introduces today’s main topic - Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. (00:19:00)
  • We bring up some general thoughts about the album. (00:21:49)
  • We talk specifically about Tony Iommi’s guitar playing on the album. (00:27:10)
  • We talk about the rest of the band a bit, as well. (00:33:26)
  • Ynon shares the thoughts he had when he first heard metal albums from around the time this album came out, and how he feels about Paranoid today. This sparks a discussion about what ‘heavy’ means when it comes to music and the heaviest parts in the album. (00:37:11)
  • We check out the album’s cover art. (00:44:13)
  • We then discuss our favorite and least favorite songs. (00:47:27)
  • We summarize our thoughts about Paranoid. (00:57:44)
  • We vote to see if Black Sabbath’s Paranoid has a place in the CQEG! (01:01:20)
  • Peter gives us two albums to choose from to listen to for our next episode. (01:06:57)


Nirvana - Something in the Way [BBC Sessions].


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Cover art by Azeecreations .

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( ).

Electric Funeral by Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi,  Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward was performed by Nimrod Gavriel and Ynon Hermon.

The episode was recorded on July 17th, and originally released on September 13th, 2021.