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The Culture Quest

Jan 10, 2022

Our humble adventurers stumble upon a calendar and notice that it’s been two years since they’ve set on their quest! We take off our top hats and put on our party hats, as we sit down and discuss everything we’ve done this year, including naming our second yearly MVP!

Episode Breakdown:

  • We introduce ourselves and dive right into today’s subject - the CQP is 2 years old! (00:00:00)
  • We start by quickly going over the list of the subjects we’ve covered this year and we check how many CQEG members we’re each responsible for. (00:01:47)
  • We then announce our second yearly MVP! (00:11:10)
  • We bring up and discuss a few subjects we’ve done this year. (00:19:19)
  • We ask ourselves what the podcast would have been like if we only chose subjects from the last 2 years. (00:41:24)
  • We then play a game we lovingly call ‘Are You Literally Tone Deaf’. (00:45:58)
  • Baryo introduces the topic of our next episode - John Legend’s Get Lifted. (01:26:32)


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Twitter: @CQ_Podcast.

The Culture Quest Essentials Guide: CQEG.


Cover art by Azeecreations .

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( ).


The episode was recorded on Oct. 2nd, and originally released on January 10th, 2022. Yes, this episode was recorded a little early, and released a bit late. Sorry.