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The Culture Quest

Jan 30, 2022

Our humble adventurers learn that it’s perfectly fine to do awful things, as long as you don’t get caught, and even if you do get caught, maybe try to weasel your way out of it.

Episode Breakdown:

  • We kick this episode off by discussing some of our favorite deep cuts in music, in another Culture Quest Radio segment. (00:01:21)
  • The songs we’ve mentioned in the segment:
    • Metallica - No Leaf Clover.
    • Radiohead - Bangers + Mash.
    • Serj Tankian - Elect the Dead.
    • Nick Cave - The Mercy Seat (Acoustic Version).
    • The Beatles - Come and Get It.
    • Sia - Confetti.
    • Alice Cooper - Wish You Were Here.
    • Led Zeppelin - No Quarter.
    • Queen - Spread Your Wings.
  • Ynon introduces this episode’s main topic - John Legend’s Get Lifted. (00:28:28)
  • We discuss our general thoughts about the album. (00:30:34)
  • We share our thoughts about the themes that are present on the album. (00:37:59)
  • We bring up our favorite and least favorite songs. (00:47:49)
  • We summarize our thoughts. (00:58:20)
  • We vote to see if John Legend’s Get Lifted has a place in the CQEG! (01:03:30)
  • Ynon introduces the topic of our next episode - Clueless. (01:04:21)

The Culture Quest Radio playlist is on Apple Music and Spotify! It includes all of the songs that we’ve discussed on previous Tavern Talk segments and this episode.

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Cover art by Azeecreations .

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( ).


The episode was recorded on Oct. 16th 2021, and originally released on Jan. 30th, 2022.