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The Culture Quest

May 22, 2022

Our humble adventurers answer the question - can men and women be just friends? The answer is yes, they can, but we raise and answer some more questions along the way, so we didn’t just spoil the entire episode for you.

Episode Breakdown:

  • We kick things off with a Culture Quest Radio segment, discussing songs or albums that are almost perfect. (00:01:52)
  • Ynon introduces today’s topic - When Harry Met Sally (IMDb). (00:34:16)
  • We bring up our general thoughts about the movie. (00:37:59)
  • We compare the different characters a bit. (00:51:43)
  • Baryo talks about the short stories of other couples that are seen throughout the movie and slowly manages to figure out what the movie was all about. (00:55:43)
  • We discuss whether or not women and men can be friends, and whether or not Harry hit on Sally in the beginning of the movie. (01:02:04)
  • We summarize our thoughts about the movie. (01:07:25)
  • We vote to see if When Harry Met Sally deserves a place in the CQEG.
  • We introduce the topic of our next episode - Sleepless in Seattle (IMDb). (01:12:09)

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Cover art by Azeecreations .

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( ).


The episode was recorded on Nov. 26th 2021, and originally released on May 25th, 2022.