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The Culture Quest

Apr 10, 2022

Our humble adventurers learn about the value of quality versus quantity as they watch Love Actually, a movie made of a bunch of smaller stories and packed with a bunch of stars. One of us adores the movie, one of us can’t stop nitpicking it, and one of us is into the quantity - which one of us is which?

Episode Breakdown:

  • We start the episode with a Quick Quotes Quiz! (00:01:58)
  • Peter introduces the movie Love Actually. (00:15:29)
  • We share our general thoughts about the movie. (00:31:57)
  • We discuss things we liked and didn’t like about the movie. (00:40:39)
  • We summarize our thoughts about the movie. (00:58:23)
  • We take a vote to see if Love Actually belongs in the CQEG! (01:01:16)
  • We introduce the topic of our next episode - When Harry Met Sally. (01:04:29)

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Cover art by Azeecreations .

‘Celebration’ theme by Alexander Nakarada ( ).


The episode was recorded on Nov. 12th 2021, and originally released on Apr 4th, 2022.